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Wheelchair Footrest

Looking for a comfortable and efficient way to move around? look no further than the drive medical swing away footrests with aluminum footplates. These wheel chairs are perfect for those with wheelchair technology. Themia provides top quality drive medical swing away wheelchairs with aluminum footplates so you can have an easy time getting around. With our easy to follow guide you can get you going right at home.

Buy Wheelchair Footrest

This is a blue streak wheelchair with flip back desk arms that comes with a size 20 seat option. The footrests provide a comfortable and stable work experience for employees. The footrests are made of sturdy materials that do not cause any damage over time. Plus, the swing away feet provide an easy way to get to and from the work area.
this wheelchair wheelchair is perfect for those with low-back problems or those who find it difficult to move around without help. It includes a built-in handbrake and ispowered by a battery. It is easy to fold and is great for when you need to get away from a crash.
this is a swingaway hemi wheel chair with heel loop aluminum footplate. It provides a comfortable and sturdy platform to sit on. The footrest has keyhole slides that allow you to adjust the height, and the aluminum footplate provides lasting strength and stability.